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Transparency Clause


How You Can Help

People came to one of the parties in the cities on our route - or just donated online. Host committees in each sity worked on logistics, music, sponsorship and invited their friends to the parties!

Thanks to all the others who made a donation. Also thanks to those who told their friends about the campaign, who who wrote blog posts about the campaign. or who posted on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other chosen social network.

It was more than a birthday party - it used the idea of a birthday as a platform for change, and a chance to get involved.

Thanks for helping us raise $$ towards fighting malaria.

$5 buys a net, $150 saves a life!

Some other ways to look at how your donations made a difference:

  • Family (3 Nets) $15.00
  • Classroom (8 Nets) $40.00
  • Orphanage (15 Nets) $75.00
  • Village (50 Nets) $250.00


Official CIMB donations are over, but this is an ongoing fight! If you'd like to send a check, please make the check out to: Netting Nations and write 'CIMBD' on it. You can mail check to:

Netting Nations
ATTN: Cause It's My Birthday
7119 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite #317
Los Angeles, CA 90046



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